How It Works

The formula employed by ScoreCzar is a purely objective mathematic rating system based on points scored and allowed by each team and then weighed against its strength of schedule.

Based on these criteria, the system assigns each team an Overall Power Rating (OPR) and is then ranked by their OPR, lowest to highest in each classification.

Points Scored (O) for Offense

Points Allowed (D) for Defense

Strength of Schedule (SOS)

Formula: OPR = D/O x SOS

Strength of Schedule is determined by averaging each teams opponents OPR’s.

Team A:

  • Points For (O) = 373
  • Points Allowed (D) = 225
  • D/O = .603 x (SOS) of 2.69 = OPR 1.62

Team B:

  • Points For (O) = 341
  • Points Allowed (D) = 261
  • D/O = .765 x (SOS) of 3.10 = OPR 2.37

Team A is ranked higher and is more likely to win in a head-to-head matchup.

The system requires a minimum of 3 games played by each team in order for the calculations to be meaningful.

There are filters and mechanisms in place to deal with real world issues, but not human element.

Real world issues include events such as; Blowout wins and playing up or down in classification.

Human element events include things such as injuries, suspension, blown calls, travel, inclimate weather…and so forth.

There are other subtle nuances that play a role in the ratings which are not mentioned here.

The system has been thoroughly tested and has consistently produced impressive results.

For more information please email the Czar at